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Keeping up to date refreshes in mind. It certainly keeps ME going! 

It will serve you well in your chosen vocation.

My first psychology lessons in school were an eye opener for me: This is it: I wanted to learn and know more about the human mind, and get closer to the answers of the " how" and "why" of human nature. University studies in psychology and educational science were a constant novelty

and so eventually on paper I was an industrial psychologist. Then of course, the learning curve just continued at full speed! Experience coupled with knowledge make you more proficient at your job. And yes, I am still learning.

The acceptance of Life Long Learning is an attitude which is essential for today´s leaders.

  • Master of Educational science and Psychology, University Klagenfurt/Austria 

        (German qualification: Mag .phil.) 

  • Academic training in Psychotherapy, University of Vienna/Austria

  • Education in systemic techniques at the Psychosocial and Psychotherapist 

        Association, Vienna/Austria

  • Education in Industrial Psychology, at Health Consult, Vienna/Austria 

  • Certiefied Personnel and Social Media Recruiter at the  Academy of Economics, Vienna/Austria​​​​​

  • Education in Crisis Psychology,

         at Health Consult,

         Vienna /Austria

  • Certified Biofeedback Trainer,

         Institute for Biofeedback and  

         Health Psychology, Vienna/Austria

  • Certified Organisational Developer, 

         at Kick-off consulting,


  • Certified Facilitator, at Kirkpatrick Partners Management 

        Development Institute,


For more than 20 years I have supported both employees and leaders on their professional journeys within the business world.

As an industrial psychologist my knowledge and experience has served to guide others through the challenges of, for example, acquiring and applying leadership and self management skills to name two essential aspects of business matters. Crucial in making progress here is having a solid support at your side. That means having somebody who works with you during the reflective process and who may at times carefully challenge your held opinions or work practices and thus bring you to

make balanced decisions about the next forward step in your career. I am that person!

Leadership is not only a question of personality but also how well you can reflect, expand, change and develop these and many other topics of it. You could also do it on your own - but with an expert it is faster, more efficient and most effective.

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